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I embrace life with the belief that the only limits we face are those we place upon ourselves. From founding a profitable marketing and event management business at the age of 22 to mastering the intricacies of accounting, my entrepreneurial journey began with stepping out on faith. After gaining valuable insights into accounting through my marketing clients, I pursued a Master's in Business Administration with a Certification in Business Turnaround Management and a focus on finance and accounting to deepen my expertise.

I am the Founder and CEO of Tax Team Services, a full-service tax and accounting firm dedicated to empowering small business owners. My firm has achieved nearly $1 million in gross revenue and a remarkable 500% growth over the last 9 years by focusing on community-driven growth and specialized services that reduce tax liabilities and maximize profits.

Passionate about the development and growth of businesses, especially within communities often overlooked, I leverage my comprehensive background in finance and business management to help minority companies thrive. As a coach, I mentor small business owners and aspiring tax professionals, equipping them with the tools to reduce tax burdens and enhance their operations.

Additionally, as an author, speaker, and podcast host, I actively share my knowledge and experiences. My book, 'Success Failed Me,' debunks common business myths and guides entrepreneurs to success through the lens of my personal journey. Together with my husband, I host the 'Finding Love' podcast, exploring the intricacies of relationships and entrepreneurship, and May 2024, I launched my podcast 'Ask Jenni' to build a community of growth-driven individuals who want to talk business growth, mindset growth, and wearing many hats in womanhood!

My mission is to assist more businesses and individuals in finding their footprint in the business world—because true success is measured by the impact we make.

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I love fast cars and college football.





With over a decade of expertise in tax and accounting, coupled with fifteen years in business services, I am dedicated to meeting the comprehensive financial needs of business owners. From meticulous bookkeeping and precise budgeting to strategic financial projections and goal setting, I offer a full suite of services designed to optimize your business operations. My approach is centered on minimizing your tax liability while maximizing financial efficiency, ensuring your business thrives in every financial aspect.


With a certification in business turnaround management and deep financial expertise, I offer specialized coaching through two distinct programs. 'Motivated Money Systems' caters to small business owners, focusing on financial management and strategic growth. For aspiring and current tax professionals, my dedicated program provides comprehensive guidance to start or expand your tax business. Let me help you elevate your brand’s potential and achieve your business goals.

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